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Jungle Restaurant

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Jungle Restaurant is an authentic Caribbean Cuisine conveniently located in Fleetwood, NY. Jungle provides a variety of delectable Caribbean dishes (Jamaica, West Indies) inspired. Chef Duran and his team provides the ultimate JamRock experience! Jungle offers an extended Catering Menu, private dining reservations, monthly events & more... 


Duran Foxton | Executive Chef  


Tahirah Foxton. MBA - General Manager 

Growing up in West Kingston, Jamaica from an area called “Jungle” Chef Duran discovered his passion for cooking up delicious meals from scratch by way of extracurricular activity. Winning the neighborhoods attraction for his God blesses hands, Chef Duran naturally became a cooking icon. Chef Duran has created succulent recipes that is sure to give one a “good meal!” Chef Duran has previously contributed to the culinary field with many years experience at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Lawrence Hospital. 

Ecstatically spearheads the day to day operations, cultivates new ventures, and always seeks new ways to improve for our customers. Ultimately taking Jungle Restaurant to new heights, by exercising her business background, great P.R. tactics, and then some. 


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